Warped Yarns

Mayfield Yarns has decades of experience in delivering the very best warped yarns. Due to our investment in our employees and the most up-to-date single end sizing and beam assembly technology, we are confident that we can provide you with any specification you require and that you will receive a higher quality product than is available anywhere else.

We supply and process the full range of continuous filament yarns including polyamine, polyester, polyolefin, aramids and cellulose. We can supply all types of yarn forms including flat, textured, mono-filament as well as yarns with enhanced performance properties such as heat stabilised and flame retardant yarns.

We have the capability to supply the most extreme requirements of today's weaving patterns and weaving processes: from 17 to 1100 dtex; with high endage up to 23000; beam width up to 4 metre; high tension and the utilisation of advanced sizing materials.

Our personal service also means that even if you are looking for something that has never been done before, we will create new processes and new products to meet your needs. Find out more about our bespoke yarn services.