Twisted yarns

Our market-leading twisted yarns are made using the most established and proven technology platforms located at our facilities in Derbyshire.

With over 1000 yarn products and processes, our range of twisted yarns includes all continuous filament type materials, with a very wide range of twist levels, yarn counts, dyeing and multi-end options. Given the very high yield levels that our customers strive to achieve, we can also provide various weights for individual yarn packages and we offer a variety of package dimensions.

We are willing to develop new products for our customers' future needs. Even if what you're looking for has never been done before, we will create the right yarns to meet your needs.


Uses for Mayfield Yarns

The range of uses for our bespoke yarns keeps on growing. We are working closely with our clients to create new products and new techniques, from furnishings and apparel all the way through to industrial, automotive and technical textiles. To discuss how we can meet your needs, please contact us.