About us


Quality without compromise

Mayfield Yarns is the leading supplier of warped and twisted yarns in Europe and has a growing presence in North America. We process the full range of continuous filament yarns using the latest technology and innovative production techniques and combine this with a unique understanding of the needs of our customers. We are dedicated to technical innovation and offer a vast range of products that enable our customers to push forward the boundaries of continuous filament yarn processing.

We understand the highly diverse nature of the modern textile industry and as the industry has become more diverse, niche and fragmented we have adapted to provide a responsive, bespoke and customer-focussed service to satisfy market needs.

We have well established partnerships with many of the world's leading continuous filament manufacturers. Through this we have developed an intimate knowledge of their products, which enables us to optimise our product specifications, minimise supply costs and maximise weaving and processing performance.

We place extremely high value on these partnerships, and we place the very highest priority on maintaining and developing these relationships. With this in mind we provide all the support our customers need to develop new products and new supply solutions.

Our philosophy is to continue to expand our process capabilities and increase the range of our product specifications to provide bespoke yarn processing solutions in support of our customers to enable them to innovate and thrive.

Our products

Our warped and twisted yarns are of the very highest quality and offer excellent value to our customers. Their exceptional quality results in less waste, less scrap and less machine down time. The quality of our yarns helps to maximise processing efficiency for our customers.

Our processes - The best equipment for the job

Mayfield Yarns has remained committed to continuously investing in the newest technology and production techniques. This strategy of maintaining a leading edge capability in our core business allows us the flexibility and versatility to offer the widest available range of product and process options. This process and product capability can be combined and refined to create truly bespoke yarn products designed to meet the specific needs of your business.

Our people - The best people for the job

As well as technical innovation we focus on recruiting the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the business. We focus on continuously improving every aspect of the production and customer service processes. In addition to being ISO 9001:2015 registered, our employees are very experienced in operating quality systems that are compatible with a variety of automotive, aerospace and safety industry requirements.

Our service - The best service available

Given the demands of today’s textile market, we understand the importance of providing fast responses to customer enquiries, offering flexible supply options and minimising order turnaround times. Our investment in people and flexible production processes enable us to meet all three of these challenges without compromising the quality and performance of our products.

The best intentions

As our UK operation is located next to one of the UK’s most popular outdoor tourist attractions, being situated alongside the River Dove - we have for many years recognised the important responsibility we have as a custodian of the local environment. We also believe that this responsibility extends further to that of our customers and suppliers and as such we continually invest in projects that reduce the environmental impact of the total supply chain of which we are a part.